Yes/No Quiz – Leads Generation with Quizzes makes it easy to create a custom Yes/No Quiz game in Javascript to capture leads on your website. Each player will has to correctly all the questions to win your quiz! You can add unlimited questions, and set a passmark You can collect the contact information of the players, whether they win or lose, redirect them to any URL address

Customisation is done really easily through our Yes/No Game Generator. It lets you create a Yes/No Game in minutes by just using an interactive form. You just need to enter a few fields, flip some switches you are good to go!

What you can customise:

  • Instructions (up to 200 characters)
  • Unlimited Questions
  • Define Killer Questions
  • Display Visual Feedback
  • Colors of the background and banner/buttons
  • Background Image
  • Message when a player wins your quiz
  • Message when a player loses your quiz
  • What information needs to be collected (Email, Name, Address,Phone)
  • If a redirect button should be displayed
  • Link on your server to post the player’s contact information

The Yes/No Quiz is responsive and will scale down and up. It will scale up to 700px x 400px
As the game is in HTML5/JS, it is playable on any smartphone

Note: Please note that in order to collect email addresses, you need to set up a server and thus have basic knowledge in a server side language like PHP, Ruby, Node.js,… You also need understand the sentence : “Players contact information will be send through a POST request “

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