Yak acts like a local board for your area by showing the most recent posts from other users around you. It allows anyone to connect and share their thoughts or questions with others without letting every one privacy to be open in a public board .

Create awesome content and gain upvotes from members of your area. Be engaged in your area and help decide what’s the best through upvotes and downvotes.

You can create funny topics, share crazy videos and images and also interact with many users around your area.


Flag feature: This allows Yak app to delete any post or comment which has been flagged over 5 times of different users and also for the server part can allow to delete any user account which has been flagged over 5 times.

Ads: The app comes with Revmod and it is easy to insert other kind of ads sdks.

Map: The app comes with a function to show the map of each user who posts their post on the app. Also it allows users to track any topic or post from a certain address of a map.

Vote or Downvote: Users can vote or down vote any post and any voted posts which have higher votes can be seen more than the rest with less votes

Video and Images: Users can post videos and images. Through this not only texts but also funny videos or images can be posted and let users share their comments.

Share: Users can share their comments or posts to social media sites such Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Follow instructions on how to change the parse id and insert all the ids required before testing the app.

The app link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/yak-talks/id984840593?ls=1&mt=8