WPK Toolkit is a collection of utility classes a developer can use in their projects. At the moment, the toolkit features the following 3 classses:
1) NCache
2) NCrypto
3) NSession

These classes can be used individually or included as a whole in your projects. Each of these classes has been thoroughly tested and their utility has payed off.

The NCache class provides utility methods for file caching, thus improving the speed of the website. It can be used to store plain text, variables, arrays or objects.

The NCrypto class provides utility methods for encrypting or decrypting texts. It uses the PHP’s libmcrypt library and is fully compatible with AES encryption.

The NSession class provides utlity methods for SESSION management. This class is very easy to use and because all the session management has been implemented in it, it makes it the perfect candidate for this job.

More classes will be added in the future.

Full documentation is available in the doc directory.

Tests are provided in the tests directory.

Support is available at: http://coderevision/forum/