WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Stripe Connect

Using this plugin you can accept payments from all over the world for your e-commerce store.WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Stripe Connect works with checkout payment gateway. This Plugin can be run in both test and live mode. In this seller has to connect using stripe connect.


WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Stripe Connect features are as under -

  • Working with Stripe supported currencies.
    It works will all the Stripe Supported Currencies.
  • Better Security as given by Oauth (Open standard for authorization).
    For creating token when receiving card details so that no information of card could be received by our own server.
  • Email notification on transaction.
    Email notification will be sent on each transaction.
  • Support for almost all kind of cards.
    Stripe Connect almost supports all types of credit card including Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover that can be use for making the purchases at the time of checkout.
  • Well integrated
    Stripe Connect is well integrated with WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace.

  • No Modification Required in the Core Files.
    The is no need to modify the ore files to use the Stripe Connect plugin.
  • Check and utilize Test and Live server modes
    Check and utilized both Test and Live server modes on the payment gateway.
  • A full functional demonstration of WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Stripe Connect plugin can be experienced even before a purchase -


    "initial release v1.0"