Envato Analytics

My Envato Analytics mobile app, shows you analytics data, as per information available on the envato website publicly. It is first ever app that will help old & new envato users to better understand the Envato Earning Trends and to provide best items in the respective areas.

Key Features

  • Personal Dashboard
  • Monthly Sale & Sale Growth Chart
  • Total Product,Total Sales, Total Earning, This Month Sales, This month Earning
  • Donut Chart for Sale share of your Items
  • Sale wise items report
  • Envato Earning Trends
  • Top Earning Categories
  • Top Earning Categories this month
  • Top Earning Items
  • Top Earning Items this month
  • Compete with other Envato Users
  • Add Compitition, View Resports
  • Item Compitition [Coming Soon]
  • Feedback System- Post feedback/Query/Problem
  • And with source code as well in the download package
  • and many more……

Documentation contains guidelines for installing & using this awesome mobile app.

Version 1.0