Twitter Automation – Lets tools do the work for you!

Turn twitter into your slave robot! Time-saving tools to automate your twitter tasks and improve your twitter life.

Send Tweets

Compose a new tweet and give surprise to your followers.

Unfollow not following me back

Auto unfollow the tweeps who are not following you back. *This will unfollow all users not following you!

DM Cleaner

Delete all your DMs and have a clean inbox!

Followback Your Followers

Follow back every user who is following you.

Find popular trends in your area.

Unfollow All

Unfollow every user you follow. Warning, its highly unrecommended.

Search and Favorite

Search for a specific keyword and favorite the tweets thus fetched.

Search and Retweet

Search for a specific keyword in tweets and retweet the tweets thus fetched.

Followers Fetcher

Enter the twitter username and fetch the followers (as a list of user names) of that user.

Mass Mention Generator

Enter the list of twitter usernames and send mentions with a specific delay between each mention.


Search and Follow

Search tweets containing a specific keyword and follow the targeted tweeters.

Search and Reply

Search for a specific keyword in tweets and reply to the tweets thus fetched. Target twitter users and generate replies!

Follow by usernames

Enter the twitter usernames you want to follow and follow them all.