Twitch Streams Directory is a complex php script that pulls data from Twitch.Tv via the available API so that you can create your own Twitch Directory.It comes with paypal payment integration, fully automated after you set it up and with 3 Featured Stream Spots ( Main page, Above the list and in the Sidebar ).Check out the demo for all the available features.

Twitch Streams Demo
Admin Panel
Username: admin
Password: admin


  • PayPal Integration: Your guests can pay to feature their stream on your website with ease
  • 3 Featured Stream Spots: Before purchasing, they can choose from 3 Featured spots ( Main page, Above the List, Sidebar )
  • Complex Payment System: You can set up the currency, receiver email and the Cost per day, Minimum Days and Maximum Days for each Sponsored Slot
  • Complex and feature rich admin panel
  • Cache System: Caching system to reduce the Twitch’s API Requests made with control over the admin panel
  • Material Design: Designed with Google’s Material Design
  • Responsive: Responsive and clean design
  • Users Management: View, Edit, Activate / Disable, Delete Users
  • Payments Management: Check out who purchased and how much money you made.
  • 3 Ready Adspots: Top, header and sidebar optional adspots
  • Multi Language System: Easy 1 file translation
  • and many more..
  • cURL or allow_url_fopen enabled for the file_get_contents() function
  • PHP 5.3 ( or higher )
  • MySQLi
  • Rewrite Engine (htaccess)