The Tipster Widget for Adobe Muse gives you the ability to set up custom tooltips attached to text and images on your site pages.Add captions to your images, price tags on your products, definitions to words in your text to name just a few uses for this versatile little plugin.

The widget is highly configurable with options to set the position, size, colour, animation effect and corner style. Simply attach it to a character or graphic style preset and you’re ready to go!

Quick start guide:

Widget installation:
Download and unarchive the widget zip file.
Double-click the Tipster.mulib file to import it into Muse. Alternatively, you can use the Import button in the Library panel within Muse and browse to the file on your hard drive.

Using the widget:
Go to the Library Panel in Muse.
Open the Creative Muse – Tipster widget folder
Click and drag the Tipster widget onto the design canvas
Assign a character or graphic style (new or existing)
Add the tooltip text
Configure the position, size, display type and corner style
Create a new style if you’re not using an existing one
Preview and publish the page!

Full Installation and setup information can be found here: