- Overview :
Couple Dress Up Game is a full game source code created with eclipse.
It includes Startapp and Admob Ads ( Banner and Interstitial) and no programing skills needed to create your own game just edit the graphics, put your ads ID and change the package name.
The game was optimised for tablet and support all screen size.
With 4 (X4) Clothes items for each character the player can make unlimited clothes combination.

Also the game included :
Share menu ( allow the player to share your game with friend).
Rate menu ( allow the player to review your game ).
More app menu ( it send the player to your google play account to generate more download ).
Facebook menu ( it send the player to your fans page ).
Sound effect : music in background and click sound.
Animated Buttons.

- Demo :

- Features and Requirements
The game included ads from:
AdMob ( banner in game page,interstitial ).
Startapp ( Banner in home page, slider, interstitial ).
and :
4 Clothes items ( x 4 ) for each character.
Optimised for Tablet.
Share, Review, More app and Facebook page menu.
Sound effect.
Splash screen
Animated Buttons.

- Requires:
Adobe Photoshop ( or any photo editor).

- How to Setup and Reskin
Your logo in the splash screen.
3 Background (Home, game and finish game background ).
Game title in home page.
11 buttons .
32 clothes items.
4 Icons.

Full documentation with the game source code.