Mega Menu on Steroids!

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SolidMenu+ | Responsive Mega Menu

Create an Ultra Responsive yet Beautiful MegaMenu navbar for your next site. It uses CSS3 Animations and provides a modern style navigation look and feel in your website.

These sets of Responsive Mega Menu utilizes the Standard “navbar” framework from Bootstrap 3.0. It can work on Fixed and Responsive Layout.

SolidMenu+ is 100% responsive in design and layout. It has the capability to include other Bootstrap components such as the fluid grid classes, column grid system, widgets, google maps, tables, forms, carousel elements, buttons and varieties of more bootstrap elements

Mega Menus are specifically design that are often used on large sites such as E-commerce and educational sites such as Ebay, Amazon,

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  • 100% Responsive, Works on All Devices
  • One Code: Works in All Devices
  • Beatiful Look and Feel
  • Bootstrap Navbar Framework
  • Bootstrap Drop Down Menu
  • Bootstrap 12-Column Grid Based, Compatible with BootStrap 3.0+
  • Line Icons Included, Vector Icons
  • Custom Widgets, Carousels, Images, Google Map, Sliders
  • Very light weight, No image needed
  • Easy Integration for your Web Projects
  • Varieties of Pure CSS3 Animations
  • This Responsive Menu comes in Full Width, Static and Sticky
  • It has Collapsible Mobile Menu
  • Super Clean and Fast
  • All Mobile Devices are Supported
  • Easy to Use and Very Customizable
  • Written in LESS (for easy customization)
  • Smart and Adaptive – Hover trigger on Full Width, Click Trigger on Small Width Devices
  • Includes 120+ Custom Image Hover Effects
    * Included in the Package when you Buy (Worth $9)
  • With Form Validation on all Forms
  • Cross-browser Compatibility
  • Well Documented

These are the Predesigned Responsive Mega Menu included in the Product

Full width Mega Menus with Side Tabs


Multiple Dropdown Levels to the Right

Multiple Drop Down Levels

Custom Carousel

Maps and Animated Social Buttons

Maps and Animated Social Buttons

Tabs, Accordion and Panels

Custom Tabs, Accordion and Panels

Multitude Layouts

Multiple Layouts

Full Extent Width with Icon Boxes

Full Extent Width
Custom Icon Boxes
Beautiful Layout
Multiple Layout

Short to Medium Width Menus

Medium With Mega Menu

Custom BootStrap Slider

Custom Bootstrap Slider

Auto Height Columns

Auto Height Drop Down Menu
Auto Height Drop Down Menu
Auto Height Drop Down Menu

Custom Width Dropdown Menus

Custom Width Drop Down Menu
Custom Width Drop Down Menu
Custom Width Drop Down Menu

Custom Multi-Level Dropdowns

Multi-Level Drop Down Menu

Intuitive Image Sprites Holder

Image Sprites
Image Sprites
Image Sprites
Image Sprites
Image Sprites

Responsive Images and Videos

Responsive Images and Videos
Responsive Images and Videos
Responsive Images and Videos

Justified Tabs

Justified Tabs
Distributed Tabs
Custom Tabs

Multiple Dropdown Menus to Left

Drop Down Left and Drop Down Right

And Lots Lots More! All of these for a Price of Peanuts!!!

Sources and Credits

  1. Google Web Fonts
  2. Line Icons
  3. BootStrap
  4. jQuery
  5. jQuery Easing Plugin
  6. jQuery Validate Plugin
  7. Owl Carousel Plugin
  8. jQuery Newsticker Plugin


This is not a WordPress Plugin

Some of the images appearing on the Product Preview are
NOT availalble on the Main Files *