Sitecake is drag and drop CMS for static websites. It works with both HTML and PHP websites.

It has really minimal interface: the toolbar with content icons that floats on top of your website. With dragging and dropping content icons (text, photo, video…) to your website you are adding the content. Content can be drag and dropped from your desktop or different cloud services like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, …

Sitecake features easy integration and only basic editing capabilities, which makes it a perfect CMS for website owners who find WordPress too difficult.

Edit in Place, Drag and Drop Everything

Important Features

  • No template engine. It works with any HTML website.
  • No database. It’s flat file CMS, saves text to HTML, images to file system. Website is static all the time.
  • Simple integration. Add “sc-content” CSS class to divs that you want to become editable.
  • WYSIWYG. Edit text in place, resize and crop images in place. Edit live website, not lookalike copy in your admin.
  • Easy to upgrade. Just replace /sitecake folder with new version. Silent update (Google Chrome style) is on our road map.
  • Multi language UI (English, Spanish, Russian, German, French, Italian, Danish, Czech, Slovenian, Serbian, Slovak, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazil, Turkish, Norwegian, Dutch)
  • Sitecake is completely separate from your website. If you delete Sitecake, your website is still up to date, still working fine.
  • Static websites are much simpler, and much, much faster to load than a typical WordPress website. Google loves this.

Three Step Integration

  1. Add ‘sc-content’ class to divs you want editable
  2. Upload Sitecake to the same folder as your website
  3. Point browser to and login with ‘admin’ pass to start editing

Read more about integration in our docs.

Is Sitecake for You?

  • If your client has a problem navigating WordPress to edit a website, Sitecake is for you and your client!
  • If you have one page website, need an easy way to edit, but don’t want to spend money on a developer to integrate a ‘real’ CMS. Sitecake is for you!
  • If you need the fastest possible website. Get yourself a static website, cash it with free CDN service like CloudFlare and manage it with Sitecake.

Road Map


  • page manger (clone pages, delete pages, reorder menu items, on page SEO)
  • snippets (create custom HTML snippets and add them as drag and drop content items on the toolbar)


  • completely rewritten client side, switch from GWT to Javascript
  • opening for third party Javascript plugins
  • slideshow/gallery content item
  • table content item
  • silent update (auto update)
  • layout manager (drag and drop page builder from pre-designed modules)

Change Log

2.3.6 Release

  • Supported for PHP 7 added. New minimal version for running Sitecake is PHP 5.6
  • Opening link in a new window supported
  • Request parametar name for opening Sitecake on a page changed to “scpage”
  • Fixed: BACKSPACE/DEL deletes content of the bullet list
  • Fixed: CloudFlare caching issue
  • Fixed: Bad (404) redirection after logout from asubdirectory
  • Fixed: Crashing on undo press while editing text element
  • Fixed: Impossible to press delete (X button) on image placeholder
  • Fixed: Srcset disappearance
  • Fixed: Undo caused duplication of br tags

2.3.4 Release

  • Improved session handling
  • Fixed: error handler shows full paths inside error message description
  • Fixed: Sitecake tried to copy deleted files and displayed missing file error

2.3.2 Release

  • Fixed: In edit mode links to other pages failed to invoke Sitecake toolbar on a newly open page
  • Fixed: site root permission check failure, manifesting in HTTP 500 error

2.3.1 Release

  • PHP sites supported – except for HTML files/pages, PHP pages can also be edited by Sitecake (certain restrictions applied).
  • Subdirectories support – Sitecake can edit pages located in subdirectories as well.
  • Explicitly control what pages are under Sitecake control
  • Automatic refresh of draft content upon manual template changes – when page files are manually changed, draft files (in sitecake-temp) are automatically updated.
  • New server side (PHP) session handlers supported (memcache, memcached and redis)
  • Logging server-side (PHP) errors into log file
  • Configurable entry point URL (sitecake.php)
  • HTML code within content containers beautified
  • Support for multi-class user styles
  • Support for user styles in named content containers
  • Prevent caching of the editor configuration file
  • Server side logging and error handling improved
  • Fixed: CSS rules with pseudo selectors treated as user styles
  • Fixed: problem with logging out from non-index pages
  • Fixed: raw html content item cannot be clicked/selected after initial edit