Customisable contact/enquiry form for the SilverStripe CMS.

– Multiple contact forms on one site
– Automatic email of contact details to site manager
– Automatic confirmation copy of contact email to sender
– Contact details stored on database
– Backend lookup of contact details
– CSV download of contact details
– CSV files stored in site file system for easy access

Advanced Features (some coding required):
– Easily configurable contact form definition
– Configurable email layouts
– Ability to call contact form outside of page structure (e.g. to place in sidebar or page footer)
– Multi-language support

This is a SilverStripe code module intended for use by software/web developers and the best results will be obtained by developers with considerable technical understanding. However, the basic features are simple enough that those with only minimal technical knowledge should be able to install and use it.

Frontend styling is inherited from the parent site, making your blogs consistent with your main website. However, this can be amended by those with the ability to code HTML/CSS.

Full installation and configuration options are included.