Site Purpose – Site design is for a blog with recipes
Number of files PSD – 20psd

Used Fonts:
helvetica light
helvetica regular
helvetica bold

The photos are taken under license CC0
Icons are taken –

Instructions for developers:

Home page:
- The active page is highlighted in bold text, the hover effect
- Articles when selecting the “Fast food” tag, the page sorts all articles by tag only, as well as the hover effect.
- The number of recipes per page 6, perhaps any other value (9,12,15)

Full page:
- At the top of the site there is an individual image for each recipe
- In the beginning of the site there is a gallery, when you click on the photo, a full view of the photo gallery opens. At the end of the last photo is written the number of screenshots of photos.
- Icons with time or portions added individually for each recipe, it is possible to create and select from the database
- Search function pardon for active users
- Mandatory comments moderation
The author of the article with a photo is indicated.

Mobile design
Adding a slider for recipes on the home page, scrolling to the right side

Images in the layout are not included