The Uber-Style Geotracker is a PHP/MySQL script that allows a group of smartphone owners to track each other’s geolocations in near real time (default: every minute).

In my opinion Uber app’s user interface is what sets it apart and is the key to uber’s success. It is real time, accurate, easy to use and informative and what makes taking uber more attractive than taking a cab. Customers knowing where the drivers are at any time made the difference and redefined the for hire transporation. Imagine being able to apply that to daily life with family, friends, coworkers, employees, etc. Now you can!Data Ninja (7/12/2017)


  1. Decide on the group of people you want to geotrack (“geotrackees”) in a private geopmap and enter their emails in textarea on home page.
  2. Click on the invite button and an email with GeoTracking link will be sent to each geotrackees’ email address.
  3. Each geotrackee will receive and email similar to above. Each simply clicks on the link to start geotracking and closes browser or navigates to new web page, to stop.
  4. Keep browser with private geomap active to keep updating geolocation real time. (you may want to disable screensaver)
  5. Close browser or navigate to a different web page to end geomapping.
  6. Re-click (reuse) geotracking link in email if you want to tracking to commence again.

AUTHOR’S NOTE ON SCRIPT: see blog post – Author’s Note: Uber-style GeoTracker
FULL DOCUMENTATION: click here – Uber-style GeoTracker documentation


  • Near realtime (based on refresh settings) geotracking engine
  • Geotrackee email invitation engine
  • Approximate street address detection
  • Custom markers framework
  • Photo markers framework
  • Mapbox themes support
  • Invite new geotrackee(s) support


  • Any browser that supports HTML5/Javascript, jQuery (2.1.4). Tested with Chrome Version 49.0.2623.110 (64-bit), Safari Version 5.1.7 (7534.57.2), Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.18230, Firefox 5.0.2
  • A PHP/MySQL supported webserver is required. Your settings will need to match those found in – https://geotracker.dataninja.biz/php/phpinfo.php
  • This script uses hosted libraries for mapbox and leaflet.js. It does require you to procure access tokens – go to mapbox.com. Click here for details.
  • See ‘Installing this Script’ in documentation.

VERSION HISTORY – Uber-style GeoTracker v1.0

  • VERSION 1.0 (7/15/2017) – Initial Launch Version
    • Invite geotrackees by email
    • Generate and send GeoTracker Link emails
    • Near realtime (based on refresh settings) GeoTracking engine
    • Approximate street address detection
    • Custom markers
    • Photo markers
    • Mapbox themes
    • Invite new geotrackees

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