PeerUp – Peer-to-Peer Donation System (Web Ponzi) with Referral and Wallet System

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PeerUp is a Peer to Peer System that allows you to own a website where users take turns in donating to each DIRECTLY to each other’s bank accounts. Similar to cooperative society system but instead users just get multiples of their donations within a time admin specifies.

UNIQUE FEATURE The admin can determine dynamically when creating the packages if users get 2x or 3x or 4x etc of whatever they donated.

When a user selects a package determined by the admin, the user is given a time limit to donate to a user who previously has donated in the same subscription package.

** Features

  • Easy Registration and Login for users
  • God Mode: Simplified and appealing dashboard
  • Change user password from Admin Dashboard
  • Change Admin password
  • Create Multiple Admins
  • In-built Ticket/Support System
  • In-built Testimonial submission and approval system
  • Settle issues between users (Court Cases)
  • Switch between manual and automatic merging of pledges
  • Notice Board to all users
  • Wallet System with Credits transfer between users

User Panel: http://
Admin Panel:

Admin users have a different view when they login
demo admin user details

Username: admin
Password: password

demo user details
Username: testuser
Password: password