Openinapp is a wonderful jQuery plugin, small, beautiful and fast, it will allow you to give your visitors and website users the choice to take the experience further by proceeding to your native app. With data passing, continuity is guaranteed, and they will not loose the track of their activity. With customization at its heart, you can reshape it, style it, or simply do whatever you want with it, to adpat it to the visuals of your project or website. Adaptive and solid, it is the right choice to add shortcuts to your app.


Here are some of this plugin’s features, discover more by yourself.

  • Lightweight and fast
  • Adaptive to the devices
  • Different popup modes
  • Data continuity
  • Unlimited colors
  • Unlimited styles
  • Custom theme generator
  • Easy usage and implementation

Theme generator included

Ressources and credits

device.js javascript plugin, by Matthew Hudson.
Solid State html template for demo, by HTML5 UP!.

Support and help

If you need help, or encouter bugs or problems, please submit your support request throught the CodeCanyon support form, or get in touch directly by email : charaf.rezrazi@gmail.com