What is ocGram – Photo Sharing?
ocGram – Photo Sharing is an OpenCart-based Web Application. By installing this software, you can run an Opencart-based online photo sharing service, similar to Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, etc.

OpenCart fresh install is required.

ocGram – Photo Sharing features (v1.0.0):
- Simple registration system
- Members can upload their photos from PC or directly from their smartphones
- Members can edit their photo caption easily
- Members can delete their photos
- Members can report inappropriate photos
- Members can like photo
- Members can give comments to a photo
- Admin can review reported photos and give a proper action: No Action, Ignore Request (delete report), or Accept Request (delete report + delete post)
- Member profile, contains their personal info and photos. Member can upload photo from this page
- Dashboard, contains Followed Users Timelines, Notifications, Follow Requests, Followers, and Followed Users
- Support photo/post hashtags

Demo: http://ocgram.bukausahaonline.com

User profile page example: http://ocgram.bukausahaonline.com/superbrands

If you have any questions/suggestions, or find any bugs/error, security/privacy issues, related to the ocGram – Photo Sharing, please contact me via email at: rio.yudistira@yahoo.com.

If you need more information about the ocGram – Photo Sharing before purchase, please contact me via email at: rio.yudistira@yahoo.com.

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