Now you can make a great platformer like the old 8 bit platform games.

TheNinja Kid vs Zombies game in different platforms can be downloaded from the links below.

Game is created with Construct 2 game engine. In order to edit and export as HTML5 you can download free version but in order to export for mobile devices you need to download the licenced version.

Please check preview video for fullgameplay and also live preview to play the first 8 stages only.

Game Controls:
Arrowkeys for walking around and jumping.
Y key for throwing Nina Stars
U key for using Ninja Magic.

You can export and deploy your game to Android and IOS easily.

Admob Ads are integrated so after you have published your game to appstores you can start gainining revenues easily by using Google’s Admob Adnetworks.

Helpfile is included on how to export and build the game for Mobiles using famoud networks.

Simply change the graphics, music and soundeffects and create your own platform game with ease.
Project Features:

-3 selectable characters
-Total of 36 levels fully editable.
(Make sure you select snap to grid and Show Grid and set Grid width and height to 59 before adjusting your tile sets.)
-Horizental and Vertical Moving Platforms.
-Rotating Platforms.
-Different Designed Stages such as levels moving upwards vertically without your control etc.
-Traps and many surprises.
-Moving Blades.
-Jumping Fish
-Ninja Magic events. You use Ninja Magic to destroyt all enemies at once.
-Surprise Zombie attacks. Such as zombie bursts from inside a Snowman behind your back.
-One time export and deploy to Both Android and IOS.