New News Android App is a news system that runs on the Android platform equipped with advanced features. It consists of two parts; application and admin panel. The Admin panel contains category manager, news manager, user manager, notification manager, devices and saved news, stats for saved news and settings. One of the most striking features in the New News Android App news system is the dynamic drawer menus. Each category added from the category manager in the admin panel is automatically published in the drawer menu. In addition, while adding news, a notification can be sent about the news that has been added to all devices using the app. Notifications can be sent to the devices individually or all devices from the notification manager. Check out the demo address for other noteworthy features.


Try Demo Apk Try Admin Panel

Admin username: admin
Admin password: admin
Publisher username: publisher
Publisher password: publisher

Video Tutorial

What will you have:

Full Android Studio Code
Full Php Code for Admin Panel
Full Documentation with Screenshot
and Unlimited support..