A set of essential extentions for Layers

This WordPress plugin was made by CustomizeWP and works only with Layers. It provides a set of additional useful features.

What is Layers?

Layers is a free WordPress page builder, that can be used to build themes. So if you have a theme based on LayersWP, this extention pack is for you. Link to Layers

Layers Essentials offers you following functions:


When you scroll down the page, the elements you choose will reveal using one of 74 animations available.

  • Animations based on Animate.css (fast and lightwight)
  • 74 animations
  • Set animation duration
  • Set animation delay
  • Fully integrated with Layers interface
  • Easy to use

Parallax background

When adding a background image to a section, Layers Essentials adds a checkbox “parallax”. When checked it will turn your regular background image to parallax one. It just cannot be more simple.

Tabs and Accordions

Layers Essentials adds a new element to include to your site. This is Accordion and Tabs.

  • Responsive
  • Vertical tabs, hotizontal tabs & accordion
  • 2 available styles
  • Fully integrated with Layers interface
  • Easy to use

Need support?

If you have any issues with the plugin, please open a ticket using our support system here.