Socialmix is a jQuery plugin for creating responsive timeline layouts. You can mix different feed types in a single timeline and they get sorted by date.

Easy back-end installation allows you to hide all your social API-KEY and speed up feed response time using a cache. Just put your social API-kEY in the PHP settings file. Php is NOT REQUIRED for JSON custom data.

Load data from major social network: Facebook page posts, Twitter timeline, Google Plus page posts, Rss/Atom feed entry and JSON Custom data.

Responsive layouts

Socialmix changes automatically to the best layout to fit in its container. Choose a demo and resize the page to show how it works.

Multiple Data Source

Socialmix works with different feed types: Google plus, Facebook, Twitter, RSS/ATOM and custom data. You can mix different feed types in the same timeline.


Socialmix has three different skins. You can change skins and easily create your own skin.

1)To work with facebook, twitter, google plus or rss/atom is required a PHP server and install the script included in this plugin.
2)To get facebook, twitter and google plus feeds you have to get social API KEY and to put it into a php settings file.