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Goal of the game – to survive in the bunker until the arrival of reinforcements

How to play on mobile devices?

Tap the screen to shoot at enemies

How to play in the browser

Move the mouse cursor to aim and start to click for firing at the enemy. Collect coins and upgrade turrets


  • The game works on all popular browsers
  • Easy export to Android and IOS platforms
  • Very easy customization, reskin
  • Cocoon + Ads Supported
  • Including Constuct 2 file (.capx ? all source)
  • AdMob!
  • Mobile control
  • Easy to use
  • Nice graphics
  • Upgrade system
  • You can embed the game on the frames html5
  • Tap and mouse control
  • The ability to change the location of the on-screen buttons and their size
  • ADS quick start!!!

File includes

  • Images
  • Sounds
  • Project file Construct 2
  • HTML5
  • ADS cocoon plugin
  • logo 16-550px
  • Quick start DOCUMENTATION


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