Are you excited to know that how can you easily get your own app by using MWB Global WebView App For iOS?

Here we release the Global WebView App For iOS users. This is an amazing application for all iOS users to turn their responsive website into mobile application. This app is super simple and easy to customise. There is just one config file to setup everything, simply edit the included config file.

Key features

  • Native iOS activity indicator while loading your URL.
  • Custom error page when there is any error while loading pages.
  • Splash screen.
  • Toolbar with back, forward and refresh buttons.
  • Pull to refresh.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Google Admobs with all devices screen size support.
  • Push notification with multimedia supported.
  • Google map for contact details.
  • App share.
  • Current page share.

Minimum Requirements

  • Application – xcode 8,
  • Swift 2
  • ios 10

Plugin Documentation

Please click here


10.06.2017 - ver 1.0.0

   - Initial Release