Focustip provides a way for you to introduce your page or maybe you want to show your visitor how your website works. Focustip can help.

If you want to introduce your website/web application in a fancy way, FocusTip is the best plugin for you.

- FocusTip is responsive, so you can lay back and be sure that there is not any problem with handheld devices.

- You can customize FocusTip, simply you can change background color and text color, but if you want more customization, you can easily change css file.

- FocusTip is lightweight, it is just 2kb minified javascript file and 1kb stylesheet file..

- This is just the first version :) it can have more features, but we need you to tell us what it needs, so if you have any idea for improvement, I’m here to hear.

Demo and documentation: