Firetask Lite is a smaller version of Firetask.
While the Classic version are focused in User/Auth features, the Lite version is just focused on what we
can call “CRUD” using Firebase. It’s also built on top of only Ionic2 (Angular)and
Firebase SDK. This version is simple but covers a considered number of use cases, also has a great inline
code documentation. It’s totally designed for who is just starting with these technologies.


  • List todos
  • Add todo
  • Mark one as complete
  • Mark all as complete
  • Edit todo
  • Delete todo
  • Delete all marked as completed
  • Remaining count
  • Filter todos all, active, completed


  • app-header
  • todos
  • todo-header
  • todo-content
  • todo-footer


  • Todo


  • Status

Native plugins

  • Ionic Keyboard
  • Cordova Whitelist
  • Cordova Splash Screen
  • Cordova Firebase
  • Cordova Console