Place Mark is an app used to memorize the places for entertainment, drinks and foods, resort, etc that the users used to use the services and share them with the community.

Through the collection of outstanding places selected by plenty of users, a convenient ecosystem for the users’ demand is established.

Because of the user interface designed the most simply, anyone, who can use smart phones which installed the mark app regardless of whether they are old or young, can find a best place that they want to reach in the quickest way.

Demo App:

Full application build for iOS 8+ with swift 3.


1. Open Đánh Dấu.xcodeproj on Xcode
- Change App bundle ID

2. Open file API_URL.swift :
- Change banner ADMOB: let banner
- Change contact email: let contact_email
- Change service api : let DANHDAU_DOMAIN

3. Open Config.swift
- Change :
let group_app
let uuid_app
let user_id
let token_app
let user_avatar
let user_name
let is_login

4. Open language file change to your translates if need
- Localizable.strings
- InfoPlist.strings

5. On Xcode open tab : Capabilities
- Change your Keychain Sharing

6. Config web api; open config/database.php file
- Change info DB connect:
‘database’ => env(‘DB_DATABASE’, ’’),
‘username’ => env(‘DB_USERNAME’, ’’),
‘password’ => env(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ’’),

7. chmod 777 folder
- storage
- bootstrap

8. import DB: file db.sql

9. Create PROCEDURE for mysql
- Open your mysql console
- Select your place mark db
- Copy and paste two PROCEDURE to your console
- Enter.