EHLO Mailing is a SaaS platform software specialized in the creation and the sending of email campaigns developed with “Symfony”, the famous PHP framework.

Our e-mailing and e-marketing software is intended for all audiences, for both individuals and companies. Step by step, create, manage and send your campaigns and then consult and analyze the results of your
shipments… All this the most easily in the world!

Access a powerful set of tools to communicate and retain your customers. Make your e-mail marketing campaigns easy. Without further delay, discover our services.


Shared web hosting service

It’s possible to use this application on a shared hosting server. However, you must meet certain conditions:

Have at least 20.000 inodes
Have 3 MySQL Databases (1 is possible with some changements in the parameters and config YAML files)
PHP version 7 or greater
Have at least 800MB of space
Some restrictions may occur from your provider. Be careful!

Note: Since you will not have access to an SSH client console you will have to install the application vendors manually. Please refer to the documentation.

Dedicated server

Same requirements as the shared hosting server. The dependencies installation will be done by Composer.


High quality Platform

All of our marketing tools are powerful and intuitive. They have been developed and maintained using the best technologies currently available on the market. We are constantly improving the quality of our software.

Fully responsive

You have a view model for all your devices making the system easier and faster to use.

Unique features

From the design of your newsletters to managing your contacts or monitoring your campaigns, discover all kinds of compact, impressive and rich features.

Modern and efficient

Modern coding techniques are used to ensure quality, performance and processing speed to the whole system.

Free updates

We regularly and freely make available to our customers new features as well as improvements in stability and performance.

Help and support

You have a question, a doubt or a need? We are here to help you with questions about our product, but also to provide you with quality support and technical assistance.


Create and send your e-mail campaigns, grow and stimulate the development of your business or your projects! Access a set of powerful tools to communicate and retain your customers.

Contact management

Group your contacts by lists. Add, view, or manually insert your contacts. Import your contacts by CSV or TXT file in unlimited number. Up to 27 personalization options including the ability to add a photo by contact.

Model Management

Advanced HTML Editor, create your templates by drag-and-drop. Simple HTML Editor, create your templates from scratch. Import existing templates from another site or server. Use your template gallery
or among those made available for free.

Campaign management

Consult, plan and send your campaigns in a row or on a specific date. Set up your campaigns by adding topics, tags and lists… Then reuse them with a single click! Archivable and dynamically editable, also follow their real time shipments.

Form Management

Create your forms by simple drag-and-drop offering a wide choice of possibilities. Set the lists you want to use, and then enable or not the double opt-in confirmation. Up to 3 different ways to integrate your
forms to your site, blog and even social networks.

Statistics Management

Consult your statistics in real time. The total number of openings, clicks and unsubscriber per month. Generate a detailed report by countries, cities, departments, regions, postal codes, and even browsers used under the form of charts and tables.

Managing your account

Our software is fully automated for complex tasks making your experience more enjoyable. However, you keep some flexibility, such as the ability to add new senders to your account…

Ticket support

The software has a ticket support system that makes communication between users and the super administrator really essential.

Multi-users mode

EHLO Mailing has a system by hierarchy, which means that it’s possible to create accounts with various levels of privilege. 3 levels are available: Super administrator, administrator and user.

System for connecting and registering new accounts

You have the ability to create new accounts through a registration form. You have a login page, a reset password page, a page for change username and/or email and a page for change passwords.


The software has its own firewall and uses the Bcrypt function to secure your passwords. It’s also possible to use the HTTPS security protocol.

More and even more

It would take a very large documentation to describe all the features offered by our software but here are some of them:

- Command console available for users in hosting server mode
- Application commands to send your newsletters in manual mode
- Using SwiftMailer to send your campaigns
- Mode of transportation used: SMTP, mail, SendMail, or Gmail
- Possibility to communicate with the software by API (creation, modification and deletion of entries)
- Using Cron recommended for deferred sending
- Importing your contacts in bulk without any limitation (software) with estimation of the remaining time
- Customizing your Contacts
- Ability to create your own templates and save them for later use
- 7 Free templates available in the templates gallery
- Managing your subscribers with the option of reintegrating them to the whitelist or permanently deleting them
- A multitude of features to discover
- And very much more…