Easy Support Tools is a bunch of support materials written in PHP MySQL to help web developers to easily integrate within thir projects. The main features of this script are FAQs, Help Article or Support Articles and Customer Feedback System. Both FAQs and Help Articles have search option to search within the articles. Admin Area has facilities to add, delete and update FAQs and Help Articles. WYSIWYG editor helps admin to create a nice articles with images and HTML. All Customer Feedbacks are store in a database and admins can view customer feedback from the admin area. .


  1. FAQs, Support Articles, Support Blog and Customer Feedbacks
  2. Easy Admin Panel with WYSIWYG Editor for Articles and FAQs Editing
  3. Easy to Apply in your web site, Simple front end script
  4. Both styled and unstyled samples available
  5. Create, Delete and Update FAQs, Blog Threads and Support Articles
  6. Search FAQs, Blog Threads and Support Articles at front end
  7. Captica Verified Feedback Form which will store feedbacks to a database
  8. Admin can see received customer feedbacks from admin area and mark them are attended or viewed.
  9. UTF8 Supported
  10. Comments Moderation for Blog Threads

Change Log

  1. Scheduled : Update :shocked: Help Blog, Comment Moderation
  2. Scheduled : Update :shocked: How to Use, Adding more sample files to blog, help articles etc.
  3. Scheduled : Update :shocked: PHP 7 Version with PDO Type Database Connection