PicWiz is a solution to enable photograghers to build a professional grade portfolio within seconds. Yes, Seconds! We demonstrate this claim in a video on youtube as well. Check here

While building PicWiz, our goal was to make something really simple and very fast for people to build their portfolios. Every element, every page, even the documentation is a result of days of hard work, done with the sole purpose of satisfying you.

We showered PicWiz with a plethora of features advance features which allowed us to make it so fast. PicWiz comes with:
-Dropbox uploader alongside the usual one
-Album manager, to quickly upload multiple images into a category
-An installer to help quicken things up and make them that much easier.
-Multiple responsive designs
-Batch delete and edit in case you want to edit 10 images all at once or maybe delete them. See! Speed!
-A brilliant watermarker which can help you saving time by automatically putting bookmarks on your uploads.
-Import from instagram feature
-Import from flickr feature
-And much more!

With our thorough documentation, using picwiz will be a breeze. But still, if you want any changes, anything special done, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will provide you great support! We want you to be satisfied after all.

And for your satisfaction, check out the bundled premium designs:

And don’t forget or prized admin panel:

Username: Admin
Password: picwiz
Note: The admin panel demo isn’t function due to safety reasons. For working demo, contact us.