Complex tracking system (CTS) – give your customers access to tracking information through your website. You may find a boost in over-all site traffic as customers utilize the CTS.
CTS allow you to integrate Tracking Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) from UPS,FedEx into your web application, empowering your customers with the ability to track their own shipments.

The CTS lets your customers track their shipments right from your site using your track number. With this functionality, customers return to your site to track their shipments or to check the     status of their order. This return traffic could lead to repeat customers and more sales.
Tracking API lets you provide shipment status reports, domestic and international, to customers right from your website.
Your customers can find specific details about their shipment's status, including the time and location of each scan as the package moves toward its final destination. And tracking information     can blend seamlessly with the look of your site.

Track numbers for demo( :
UPS 1ZA87R380324187991
FedEx 9612804074069474173660