Classified Mobile and Tablet Responsive Template for Classified Listing

Template for classified business listing, optimized for great performance.

17 pages all perfect for classfied project

4 color variations, seperate skin css file for desired color. just replace skin css file in main style.css and get new color.

it has 2 home screen design with category boxes and A-Z category popup, sub category page, listing page, business profile page. lazy load images for performance

7+ years experience!

support with 24/7 responses to contact email!

clean and well document for reference and access of pages

images in preview are not available in this template but can be downloaded free from here unsplash

  • Home Screen (2 designs)

  • Sub category screen

    • Top menu
    • Horizontal Swipe / Slide Menu
    • Parallax Slider Banner
    • Sub category listing with icon
  • Listing screen

    • Top menu
    • Horizontal Swipe / Slide Menu
    • Parallax Slider banner
    • profile listing with image and ratings
    • location and tag
  • Business profile

    • Top menu
    • Horizontal Swipe / Slide Menu
    • Parallax Slider banner
    • content box with profile and call to action buttons
    • contact details
    • services
    • reviews
    • image gallery
  • Chat screen

    • Top menu
    • Horizontal Swipe / Slide Menu
    • Chat conversation
    • Fixed Message box and send button
    • Back to Top
  • User profile screen

    • Top menu
    • Horizontal Swipe / Slide Menu
    • Profile
    • Contact info
    • Recently viewed section
    • Back to Top
  • Image gallery

    • Top menu
    • Horizontal Swipe / Slide Menu
    • Image gallery
    • tab on image to enlarge and swipe for prev and next
    • Back to Top
  • Features and Components

    • Components

      • Buttons
      • Buttons with icons
      • Button sizes
      • Custom buttons
      • Flat buttons
      • Media conversation
      • Panels with list group
    • Features

      • Toast
      • Popup
      • Fly notifications
      • Ground alerts
  • Search screen

    • Top menu
    • Search box
    • search box type detection and animation ready
    • Search listing
  • Login screen

    • Brand logo
    • Login form
    • Validation message
    • Social login buttons
  • Signup screen

    • Brand logo
    • Signup form
    • Validation message
  • Reset password screen

    • Brand logo
    • Reset form
    • Validation message
    • Social login buttons
  • Contact Form

    • Brand logo
    • Contact form
    • Validation message
  • Coming soon

    • Brand logo
    • heading
    • Digital clock ready for remaining days
  • 404

    • 404 icon
    • Message
    • back to home button
  • Top menu
  • Horizontal Swipe / Slide Menu
  • Left Drawer Menu

    • drawer header / banner
    • menu item listing
    • multilevel / collapsible and scrollable
  • Parallax Slider
  • Main category boxes
  • A to Z category popup

    • category listing
    • load more with animation
  • Enquiry popup

    • animated popup open / close
    • image background header
    • contact form
  • Content Sections
  • Back to Top
  • os requirements

    ios 6+

    android 4.4+

    windows mobile 8+

    rim 7.1+

    Frequently asked questions:

    do you provide support?
    yes. send us a message through comment or profile message and we’ll try to respond as soon as possible.

    what does the documentation cover
    it will guide you for the template structure and code

    do i have to learn new code beside html, css, js and bootstrap to use this?
    not at all. we have used bootstrap framework to build this template and simple html, css and js.

    is this a wordpress theme?
    no. this is a web template optimized for mobile and tablet. to use it in wordpress or any backend you must convert it to a theme.

    is this item a phonegap / cordova / mobile ready ?
    one can create phonegap or cordova project using their tools and use this template.

    do i need an extended license to build and publish on application store as a paid application?
    if the application you will build will be uploaded to any application store as a paid application or an application that has in-app paid features, then yes, you must purchase an extended license as per envato terms of service. not doing so will result in a dmca to the application store where your app is located.