Ciuis CRM
Ciuis CRM
You can easily add customers and organize your customers.
You can see the summary about your customer on the customer detail page.
You can add and organize customer contacts.
You can give your customer a risk situation and see the risk situation.
You can see your customers’ bills and payments.

You can easily create invoices and enter invoicing items.
Quickly organize your bills and invoicing items.
You can share the bill with your customer.
You can print your invoices if you want to print it.

You can create expenses quickly and easily, and you can track and organize your expenses.
You can add and edit the Expense categories.

You can tracking your accounts.
You can easily tracking your payments by income your cash accounts or bank accounts.
You can easily find out which payment is which account, account balance and account expenses, you can get a summary of your accounts.

You can tacking the support requests that your customers create based on their statuses and priorities, and you can respond to the support request created.
You can assign staff to support requests.

You can add staff and authorize your staff.
You can tracking the sales and support of your staff.

You can examine your invoice, customer, support and sales reports in detail.

Advanced Line
Here you can tracking all the actions on the system.
You can see notifications of bills that are about to over due and past due.
You can see payments and expenses notifications
You can see event notifications.
You can instantly see a created support request.

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