You can see in the camera location information.Branches or you can show the user in a desired location with your camera using virtual reality.

You can enter location information via a Web Administration panel.

Android studio supports.In the administration panel was developed with Visual Studio.

With a small radar you can see the locations around.Works in a fairly simple way.The camera appears on the points that the user sees.With miles The distance is shown.

  1. -Google Admob Integration
  2. -Camera Preview
  3. -Camera Augmented Reality Point
  4. -Location Point GPS
  5. -The Distance Of The Point(Km)
  6. -Surrounding Points
  7. -Web Service Integration
  8. -Remote Control Web Panel
  9. -Web Panel Login Page
  10. -Web Panel Location Adding Page
  11. -Web Panel Location Updating Page
  12. -Web Panel Location Deleted Page
  13. -The program was used many times (Web Panel Preview)
  14. -Get The Location Information Via The Android.
  15. -Radar Screen
  16. -MySql And Asp.Net Service and Database Project
  17. -Supported Android Studio
  18. -Supported Visual Studio And MySql