Create Polished Cross-Platform Mobile Applications in Minutes

Bowtie is a high performance, Phonegap/Cordova mobile application template
based on the WinJS javascript UI library/framework. Bowtie apps run in the browser as web apps
or on a range of devices as native applications.

Get the demo .apk files


  • Very simple to use plugin-based architecture
  • 1 Minute WordPress Integration
  • Data-driven Google Maps out-of-the-box
  • Data-driven Google Charts out-of-the-box
  • Industrial strength lists with:
    • Data virtualization allowing for 1000’s of items
    • Beautiful grid layouts
    • Easy customization
    • Progressive loading
    • Item Reordering
    • Item Editing
    • Interative list headings and footers
    • Data virtualization allowing for 1000’s of items
    • Grouped, grid, and custom layouts
    • and more
  • Professional Animations
  • Easy styling and customization (Use existing CSS skills)
  • Run native on Android, IOS, Kindle Fire, Windows
  • and more

Included Plugins

The Bowtie base templates includes several plugins as follows:

Bowtie – Basic WordPress Plugin

If you need a easy way to get your WordPress blog converted to a native mobile application,
the Bowtie – Basic WordPress plugin is for you. We use only the official WordPress Rest API, so you can rest-assured
your app will function with minimal issues.

Bowtie – Basic Data Plugin

The Bowtie – Basic Data Plugin is a flexible plugin that can be used to display a variety of data in either list
or grid format. The Basic Data Plugin includes connected sample data from a simple JSON file. You can easily retrieve JSON
data from any source using the Bowtie – Basic Data Plugin.

Bowtie – Basic Maps Plugin

Quickly and easily display multiple locations on a Google Map with the Basic Maps Plugin. Bowtie has already doen the
hard work of wiring up the sample locations from a local JSON file. You can easily instruct Bowtie to grab data from a remote
source, or you can simply add locations to the included JSON file.

Bowtie – Basic Charts Plugin

Creating a data-driven, native mobile charts application has never been easier. Again, Bowtie takes care of the messy details
of grabbing your data and displaying it beautifully in SVG, full screen mobile charts. We have included a connected JSON file
with sample data to get you up and running quickly.

Standalone Premium Bowtie Plugins

Premium Bowtie plugins are on the way. Imagine having full fledged cross platform native applications up and running in minutes.
That is the power of Premium Bowtie Plugins coupled with the Bowtie base template.

YES, I want to build polished cross-platform apps in minutes with Bowtie!