If you love street fighter, Jackie Chan, ultimate fighter league, boxing, kickboxing, or even mortal combat you’ll dig having your own Japanese unarmed combat sport outlet. Featuring oriental sound effects and background, you’ll be right in on the action.

Keep a good grip on your device at all times and make sure if you don’t feel comfortable chopping, to just flick your device like you normally would with any other game. If you do chop, please do it in a padded environment, like on a bed in your bedroom or on your sofa couch in the living room!

TRY THE DEMO APP: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/blackbelt-brick-break/id338968149?mt=8


- Made with Xcode (native app source code)

- Easy-to-reskin: Publish your app to the app store today!

- Fullscreen AND banner ads

- 15 ad networks:

- Mopub

- Chartboost

- Revmob and much more

Get 15 ad networks. Includes popular networks like Chartboost and Revmob for fullscreen ads and also Mopub for fullscreen and banner ads. With Mopub you can add in additional ad networks easily online in their Network management without coding. The more networks you can use, the higher change you have for getting closer to 100% request to impression ratio. (The holy grail of advertising).

- Chartboost (SDK is included in the application)
- Revmob (SDK is included in the application)
- Google Admob (SDK is included in the application)
- Conversant / Greystripe (SDK is included in the application)
- Vungle (SDK is included in the application)
- Millennial Media (SDK is included in the application)
- Conversant
- HuntMads
- LifeStreet
- mNectar
- MobFox
- mobileCore
- Mojiva
- StartApp
- TapIt-Phunware

Each of the apps is optimized for maximizing ad impressions and your revenue. Full screen ads are setup with timers to display at regular intervals and on app start. You can change these in the AppDelegate.m file.

TRY THE DEMO APP: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/blackbelt-brick-break/id338968149?mt=8

Video Demo: http://www.screencast.com/t/7zjND03QtaH
Yes, you can reskin the app in minutes if you have your images and ad codes ready. Watch the 90 second demo in the link above. Our iPhone App templates were designed to be easiest to customize. Your purchase includes instructions. It’s that easy to reskin the application as many times as you want.

1. Add your Mopub, Chartboost, and Revmob ad IDs
2. Replace the Icons, image files (and optionally, sound effects)
3. Build and submit!


1. How long will it take me to edit?
Most of our app templates come with the quick reason option. If you have your icon, app code, and app images ready, here’s a 90 second demo for what to reskin. It’s that easy.
Video demo: http://www.screencast.com/t/7zjND03QtaH

2. Can I reskin the app multiple times?
Yes! Purchase the multiple-app license and you’ll receive a copy you can reskin more than once.

3. What ad networks do you support?
We support more ad networks than most templates! Maximizing revenue is important, so we’ve included support for 15 ad networks with Mopub, Chartboost, and Revmob. With Mopub, you can add additional networks without coding, using their online panel. See the list at the bottom of this page: http://www.mopub.com/platform/ad-network-mediation/

4. Do you have a demo I can see?
Yes. See the demo app here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/blackbelt-brick-break/id338968149?mt=8