Replace text in, add or remove content, and edit thousands of Word documents in doc and docx formats, PDFs, RTF documents, and other text documents.

Note: MS Word 2007 or later must be installed if you want to process non-docx files. Only docx files can be processed if MS Word is not installed.

- Search and replace in 1000s of text documents
- Use Regular Expressions and RegEx patterns in searches
- Add new text content to hundreds of Word documents
- Remove certain words, phrases, or other text from multiple documents
- Apply new text formatting and styles to specific paragraphs and phrases in word documents in bulk
- Change existing formatting and styles in multiple documents
- Change page layout and size in multiple text documents
- Batch edit document properties like Author, Title, and Subject
- Supports Word documents: docx, doc
- Supports Open Office Documents: odt
- Supports Adobe PDFs
- Supports other text file formats: rtf, txt, wpd, html, xps
- 4 operation modes: Manual, Background, Scheduled, and Console
- Find documents and add them to processing queue depending on their content
- Conditional processing based on document contents, file size, and other attributes
- Rename document files based on file properties document metadata
- Fast parallel processing on multi-core CPUs
- Much more!