All Accounting business needs.

Accounting software describes as a software that records and
processes accounting transactions within functional modules such as

accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and trial
balance. It functions as an accounting information
to mention the security and reliability you’d expect from


Dashboard includes total no. of accounts, contacts, bills,
suppliers notes, invoices, quotations, customer notes, Items,
projects, journals.

  • Display current date and time
  • Welcome message with User First name
  • Total no. of Invoice with status like approved, paid, unpaid,
  • Total no. of Bills with status like approved, paid, unpaid,

Accounts handles all the modules realated to accounting selling,
buying, banks accounts, transfer money, receive money.

  • Add, view, edit quotations, invoices, customer adjustment
  • Add, view, edit bills, supplier adjustment notes, make payment
  • Projects can be add, delete, view with details
  • Items can be add, edit, delete, view with details
  • Manage all records of bank accounts, money transfer, money
    receive and transaction
  • List reports incliudes accounts, bank accounts, items,
    projects, customers, suppliers, tax code lists
  • Advisor reports includes payment, receipt, journal, bank

Create impressive reports, and use powerful tools to gain
insights.Generate more then 25+ attractive reports.

  • Financial report includes profit & loss, balance sheet, trial
    balance, general ledger reports
  • Tax report includes GST summary, GST F5 summary, tax code
    transactions reports
  • Customer report includes Invoice item, GST F5 summary, tax
    code transactions reports
  • Supplier report includes bills, supplier transaction, unpaid
    bills reports
  • Reports can be take ouit as Print

Journals provides an explanation of each transaction, lists the
transaction amount, and names the accounts affected.The totals of
the debits and credits for any transaction must always equal each
other, so that an accounting transaction is always said to be “in

  • Add new journal with details like summary, description, select
    account, customer name, project, debit, credit amount
  • View all the journal entries at a time with details date,
    journal no, journal type, accounts, debit, credit amount, summary
  • Particular journal detail with account name, type, credit, tax
    code, tax, narration, customer name, project name
  • Journal entry can be converted into General Ledger
  • Journal entry can be delete if not required

Powerful contact management by creating customers and
suppliers.It provides a simple form where an customer or supllier
can enter contacts information.

  • Add new customer or supplier by specify type of caontact with
    details like first, last, company name, branch, ABN, postal
    address, phone no, email
  • View all the contacts and suppliers at a time with details
  • Edit particular contact detail can be manage and update.It
    maintain consistency in system
  • If an contact details is not required longer can be

Every business will have different requirements, so we can
manage all the required system setup through setting menu.

  • Manage chart of account where we can add new account, view all
    the created accounts at a time, update created account if
  • General setting manage day to day selling setup, day to day
    buying setup, report setttings
  • Tax setting includes add new tax code, edit, view all tax
    codes at a time with details like name, description, tax rate,
    visible with status
  • Linked accounts where we set account as a default value for
    tax accounts, sale accounts, purchase accounts