Image360 extension is the most effective technical change to your web-store to motivate customers to buy more products. Customers generally want to see the product from 360 degree as if they are seeing it by holding it and examine the product from all the sides, that’s where the e-commerce store lacks, so we tried to create a solution in form of the image360 extension, This extension  is the best way to reach a beneficial trade between you and your customers.

Key Features

  • Click to zoom and the drag with the click
  • Spin left / right (360)
  • Support ‘n’ number of images
  • Hover, drag and mouse wheel interaction
  • Auto-spin
  • CSS styles to change the design, if required
  • Easy installation
  • Guaranteed to always support the latest browsers
  • Guaranteed to always support the latest Magento 2 version

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